Ring up the water
Charge for the beef
Clean the belt
Hold the grief

Stock the shelves
the essential goods
for the crowds
come tomorrow
to feed their families
their neighbors
But what about
the cashier
ringing, ringing?

Life or Death
for the Paycheck
Hunger, not Sickness
Survival, not service

Martyr for the Elite
disposable for the boss
“Thank you for
Your Service”
Thank you for the
not service
We shall live to
see another Day.

To all the front-line workers: thank you for your service. You certainly deserve much more than what you are being given for all the work you have done as well as the courage you hold for working during this pandemic. You were there when the world shut down. You will be there when things return to normal much stronger than before. Please reader, support your local businesses, be it grocery store, bar, or restaurant. Stay safe for the sake of your family and the front line worker charging your food and goods.

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