Tonight will be the 61st annual Grammys, hosted by Alicia Keys. I’ll typically watch bits and pieces of the show in-between NBA games, Netflix, and whatever I need to watch on my DVR. I’m not too familiar with the mainstream artists of today. I mean, I can tell you names: Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, etc. But album names or even song names? I can give you latest Ariana songs, but that’s because of unavoidable publicity and meme content. I can also tell you some Shawn Mendes songs, and that is because I’m a super low-key fan.

No, I am not the type to outright ban mainstream music from my life (read above: low-key Shawn Mendes fan). I just enjoy listening to other artists beyond the mainstream pop genre. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but KUTX is on my top three radio stations because they go beyond the corporate structured pop songs.

Anyway, for those of you who are looking to find something beyond “Thank U, Next” and “In My Blood” and “Money” (is that what it’s called?), allow me to show you my Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify. Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is generated based on what you have listened to in the past week and recommends similar music. I was on a Maggie Rogers along with cover songs, hence a lot of indie genre music. Enjoy!

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