It’s been some time since I’ve written a Poetry Game. Maggie Rogers recently released her album, Heard It in a Past Life. I am so in love with it. Her voice is amazing and the lyrics hit the right spot of reflection. So, here goes something:

Just “Say It”
We aren’t going to “Retrograde”
To our “Past Life”
For an “Overnight” trip
To “Alaska”
You leave the “Light On”
“On + Off” in
An endless python loop
Hiding “The Knife”
Ready to strike
“Back in my Body”
Be a man and
Show your “Colors”
You wanted to be “Better”
Love, now is your
time to do so.
“Give a little” honesty, 
Some integrity,
To stop the “Burning” ache
Of my heart that
Counts the “Dog Years”
Til your return

If you haven’t heard of Maggie Rogers, she came out with the famous song that got Pharrell Williams crying at NYU a few years back. You can check out her songs below:

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