After a day of cleaning and studying, a drive to Four Points for a literal hidden gem is needed. Napa Flats has been around for a year and a half and I didn’t know it’s existence until 75 minutes ago. The California-style restaurant is obscured by trees so anyone driving on 620 may not notice. Good thing Google maps exists.

The restaurant is modern and strategically open. What I mean by strategic is the divisions are smartly place to separate the bar from the main dining area and from the private dining room. The bar is separated by a diagonal brick accent wall, adding a hint of rustic vibes to the modern setting. To get to the private dining area, you need to pass the open kitchen and main dining area to get to the back corner hallway. I didn’t realize that existed until a large group of homecoming girls came in followed the waitress to the hall. There’s also an outdoor seating area complete with a matching brick accent wall patio and fenced in playground.

Everyone who works at Napa Flats has great customer service. From the hostess to the person that took our drink orders to our waitress, everyone had patience and gave good advice on food choices. I wish there were more waiters like them.

The food is made from scratch from fresh ingredients. I can see you rolling your eyes. Everyone says that. No joke, the food was fresh. The tomato bisque my sister got was still steaming hot when she took her last bite and she is not a super fast eater. The burger she had was juicy. I had the Lamb Flat, which was shawarma-style lamb put in a flat bread with lettuce, tomato, red onion and a yogurt sauce (their words not mine). The burger and sandwich come with homemade chips but you can sub the chips for fries for an additional cost.

All in all, I enjoyed my experience at Napa Flats. Most of the places in the Four Points are fast food or “meh” restaurants. Napa Flats provides simple meals that’s refreshing and customer service that makes you want to never leave.

Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen is located on 8300 N FM 620 #100, Austin, TX 78726

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