Today was the 21st annual Museum Day in Austin, hosted by the Austin Museum Partnership. Museums and cemeteries around the ATX offered free admission to exhibits and tours. Since I finished my homework early and the weather was tolerable, I had the chance to hang with some friends at The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria. The Laguna Gloria is a piece of land on the end of West 35th Street in Tarrytown. It has a sculpture park, trails that lead to the Lake Austin, an art school, and an early 20th-century villa owned by Claire Driscoll. The villa is inspired by Italian architecture and much smaller than I imagined, but nonetheless beautiful.

Now, one assumes (or at least I did) that there would be art pieces inside the villa. That is not the case, and you begin to realize the villa is the art piece. The pieces are scattered around the property, from “White Snow” to a beat-boxing classic car. There is a man sitting on a high chair looking over the lake with binoculars, and what looks like a tin man looking up at the sky. It was a fun trip full of surprises and pathways. We did not explore every pathway, which is perfect because it left me wanting more. Cannot wait until my next visit!

P.S: Fun fact: the Driscoll Villa is on the National Register of Historic Places


The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria is located on 3809 W 35th Street, Austin, TX 78703

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