Southern comfort food in the middle of a old country lane. Hutto may be modernizing, but it’s nice to know the concept of the country square with candy shops, old banks, and restaurants still exist.

TEXAN CAFE & Pie Shop was established in 1996. The inside of the building still holds true to its old school building roots: exposed brick and stone, wooden tables, a small loft that overlooked the dining area, dim lights and what looked like parchment paper covering the windows to prevent the heat from going through. You can find real southern comfort like chicken fried steak (“real” as in not gentrified with some healthy gravy and the like).

I got a chicken tender plate. This plate comes with four big pieces of crispy tenders, a roll, country gravy, and a choice of two sides. You can choose from French fries, sweet potato fries, Mac and cheese, carrots, and other veggies. I got French fries and carrots–because, you know, healthy foods don’t get you in a food coma. I ended up getting in a food coma anyway. It was amazing. The food was simple but simple is always nice when you’re in the mood for casual eats.

My mom got the chicken sandwich. That was amazing. The grilled chicken had not too much seasoning and was super juicy. The sweet potato fries were crunchy and fresh. I’m definitely getting the sandwich next time.

The pies. There are so. Many. PIES! Rhubarb, Elvis, Oreo oh my! My mom got the apple pie, a classic treat. It wasn’t too sweet and the crust was to die for. We always thought Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, TX was the best apple pie. Nope! Texan Cafe certainly took the cake (er, pie).

I got the S’mores pie. It’s gooey with marshmallows and pieces of Hershey’s chocolate snuggle in the whipped cream. It’s very rich, so I recommend to go slow and steady.

TEXAN CAFE & Pie Shop is located on 207 East St., Hutto, TX 78634

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