It’s always exciting when a new breakfast/brunch place opens up and it’s not in the middle of downtown ATX. I love the downtown area and all, but my fam aren’t big fans. Who can blame them? $18 parking lots are hella expensive.

Now, we didn’t go immediately. In fact the thing that made us notice First Watch‘s existence was the line out the door in the middle of the work week. Like, what? It has to be good if the lines are out the door in the middle of the work week.

First Watch promotes farm-fresh food and healthier breakfast option, along with a couple hipster-like foods (avocado toast with a cup of cold brew anyone?). They’re Original Pancake House in terms of national chain, with a local farmhouse vibe going on. They’ll serve you water out of mason jars and seat you on wooden picnic-style bench booths. Their specials are handwritten on chalkboards. The servers wear denim apron. First Watch organizes part of their menu Kearney Lane/Snooze style with seasonal menus. The plus about First Watch, along with their simple horizontals and diverse verticals, are their “shareables”. Yes, sharing is caring folks. 🙂 It won’t fill you up if you’re there on a hungry stomach with another person, but it’s a money saver and a calorie hero.

Ok, food. I’ve been here twice, so the photos below are from two different occasions. On the first visit, I got smoked salmon eggs Benedict. My mom got the frittata rustica. My sister got the farmhouse hash. On the second visit, it was time to try the rainbow toast. I also got the bacado omelette.

I’ve got to say, First Watch has some items that are better than both Snooze and Kerbey Lane. First Watch’s omlettes are amazing. The eggs are not too dry. The bacon in the bacado was crunchy and not greasy. The potatoes are addicting and totally make me forget they don’t have hash browns. The eggs Benedict are bigger than Snooze’s. I love ciabatta bread more than English muffins so extra points there. My mom’s frittata came with kale so when I tried it, I immediately fell in love. I’m down for anything “dysfunctional” so the hash reminded me of an inside out version of the bacado omelette.

The one complaint I have is the toast. Everything about the rainbow toast is on point, except the toast. For me, the toast was too dry. The fruit was fresh, the granola was crunchy, and the honey drizzle sweetened things up. Maybe if they added more ricotta cheese to soften up the brioche toast? Who knows. Could have been bad luck. I would get it again to see if it was a one-off.

Rainbow toast was 9/10. Everything else was 10/10. Highly recommend coming. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the fall menu. Pumpkin everything anyone?

Rainbow Toast – Summer Menu
Bacado Omlette – subbed fruit for potatoes
Frittata Rustica
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
Farmhouse Hash

First Watch has three locations in Austin: Walden Park at Lakeline, Northcross on West Anderson Lane, and La Frontera in Round Rock.


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