Today is my last day at work. I am experiencing a very bittersweet moment right now, with a side of a food coma. I have come to love my coworkers as a family and very sad to leave them.But at the same time, I am excited to start my 10 month journey at UT. Funny how I judged McCombs students during my time at St. Ed’s for being super stuck up and now I am a McCombs snake, minus the stuck up portion.

To celebrate my last day, my coworkers and I went to the Domain to eat at Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen. We were curious by the $21 chicken tenders and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cheesecake. No one got the tenders because it was $21.

We started off by ordering the chips and guacamole. I love sweet potatoes so was extra pleased they turned this classic (and rather unhealthy) snack into a moderately more healthy dish. The sweet potatoes were crispy and not too salty. The guac was fresh and smooth. The lime wedge was a nice extra that didn’t think would work with the sweet potato but somehow did.

I ordered from the Wok Out bowl section. This is whereupon can order a custom Wok bowl. Choose your proteins, sauce and carbs (noodles or rice). I got “Fresh Island Salmon” with sesame teriyaki and sticky brown rice. The bowl came with veggies (broccoli and carrots – legit yum) and nuts. The salmon was super fresh, the sauce wasn’t overpowering as the veggies were on point. First time in a long time where I actually finished I food.

My coworker Emily ordered a marge pizza. If you don’t like tomatoes, don’t get the pizza. If you do, you’re in luck! It’s great. The soft crust is addicting as hell. 10/10. That’s all I’m saying. 🙂

For dessert, I got the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cheesecake. It’s pretty much a cinnamon cheesecake with pieces of cereal on top. Not gonna lie, the first bite was good because you are filled with nostalgia. Every bite after, you are criticizing the over priced cheesecake that is just a sweet cheesecake with cereal dust thrown on top. My coworker got a tres leches that was so much more worth it (he had to wait 30 minutes for the kitchen to make more fresh whipped cream, but hey he got his for free). If it weren’t for the cheesecake, I’d give Doc B’s 10/10. Because of the cheesecake, it’s a 9/10. I had a great time with my coworkers and Doc B’s definitely had a chill vibe with hints of upscale modern. I will come back once I’m not a broke college student.

Doc B’s is located at 3001 Palm Way #120, Austin, TX 78758

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