You know that moment in Legally Blonde when Elle finds out she’s going to be part of the case? Yeah, I’m sorta feeling like that right now. The Austin City Limits Festival lineup has been released guys. And it is glorious.

I base on my decision to buy a wristband on how many acts in a lineup I want to see. If it is over 5, I buy. Last year, there were 4. This year, there are 27 acts. Let’s see…$266.66 (255 admission + service fees) / 27 acts = $9.88 per act. To the ACL organizers: you have overcome the, how you say, “meh” lineup of 2017.

I won’t list out all 27 bands I want to see. I will say this is the first time in my history of ACL cherry picking that I wanted to see the majority of headliners. As you know, I love the Beatles. Watching Paul McCartney live on stage is a bucket list item for me. Childish Gambino? I love Donald Glover. Love him in Community and I always die laughing when I hear his stand-up on Spotify (highly recommend the “sugar addicts” bit). Arctic Monkeys always had great music and heard they are great live. Got on The National train last year and got a friend to go through a The National binge around last Thanksgiving. Odesza: I will need to get more familiar with. I love the collaboration with Leon Bridges in “Across the Room”. Pst ACL…why did you not include Leon Bridges???? He has a new album out this year! Secretly praying Odesza brings out Leon for at least that song.

What I believe I like most about this lineup is that all the acts I’ve missed in the past are playing in one spot. FJM was in Austin this past fall for a multi-night show (couldn’t get a good seat). CHVCHES has come and gone multiple times and missed every them time because of my schedule. Sylvan Esso was in Austin I believe 3 or 4 years ago and couldn’t go because, well, college exams limited your social life to zero (I’m a goody-two-shoes nerd. Sue me). Elle King came to Austin on my birthday. I was in Baltimore. Point is, the music fest gods have come together and blessed me with a second chance.

Then there are the acts I want to see again. I saw Shakey Graves at SXSW this year and St. Vincent this past February. Both are amazing live and definitely worth seeing again. Side note: St. Vincent tried to “Austify” her song “New York”. It was quite a comedic yet gloriously successful attempt. Side note 2: check out KUTX’s “This Song” podcast with St. Vincent as she explains how old school Disney influenced her latest album.

I said I wouldn’t go into too much into detail. I couldn’t help it. This is a once in a blue moon lineup and the first ACL I will be attending. Got five months to mentally prepare for thick crowds, overpriced food and lines. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, get them at See you at Weekend 2 (hint hint). 🙂

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