I’ll be straight up: it’s been a rough day. It’s EOM, the Internet at work was super spotty, my week old cough continues to wreak havoc, my Ramen Tatsuya lunch made a reappearance in the bathroom, and it’s Monday. I went through my Discover Weekly playlist and hit up the Daily Mix playlists. One of them was dedicated to the oldies – Paul Simon, Beatles, Billy Joel. I listened to “For the Longest Time” and down I went the rabbit hole of Billy Joel’s Spotify page. A few songs from the Piano Man and I was back up and running (thought still coughing). So, to say my thanks, here’s a poem dedicated to Billy Joel.

Side note: This is actually not the first Billy Joel poem I have written. I wrote one back in December 2017, but don’t have the copy anymore and slightly regret not taking a picture of it when I wrote. If you got the OG poem, care to share it with its creator? S’il vous plaît?


“This is the Time”

“Modern Woman”

to take over

“No Man’s Land”.

With your “New York

State of Mind” and

“A Hard’s Day’s Night”,

you know it

ain’t “Christmas in


Don’t follow the

“Uptown Girls” way,

because “Hey Girl”,

we aren’t back

in “Leningrad”.

We are under

the “Scandinavian

Skies” following

“The River of Dreams”

to “Vienna”.

Let’s be real,

not “Everybody

Loves You Now”,

“Don’t Ask Me Why”.

Don’t let the

“Downeaster Alexa”

get you “All Shook Up”

about “Only the

Good Die Young”.

News flash: they don’t.

Just keep to

“Keeping the Faith”

because you

are “Shameless”.

You are “Movin’ Out”

and movin’ on up.

It is a “Matter of

Trust” and “Honesty”

and confidence

in yourself

“Modern Woman”.

If “Worst Comes to

Worst”, say a

“Travelin’ Prayer”,

say “You’re Only Human”

“All About Soul”,

hit up the bar with

the “Piano Man”

playing on the

“Baby Grand”,

and set your sights

taking “Vienna”.

“This is the Time”

“Modern Woman”

to take over

“No Man’s Land”.

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