The second Leon Bridges sings you are immediately transported to the streets of New Orleans. You’re gazing at the voodoo shops and cafes of the French Quarter. You’re dancing with the jazz groups on the streets in the middle of a spring day at Jackson Square. You’re pulling off 1960s hairdo’s and wearing 1960s get-ups. Funny thing about this though: he ain’t from NOLA. He’s from Fort Worth, Texas (though the 1960s outfits are right on point).
His album, Coming Home, came out in 2015. I remember first listening to his single “Coming Home” on KGSR. Never looked back after. His voice is a lovely throwback to the times of lore.

My favorite from this album would be “Lisa Sawyer“, a beautiful song about Bridges’ mother, who, according to the lyrics, grew up in NOLA. That explains a lot! The lyrics tell the his mother’s story in a simplistic yet elegant way. She sounds like a lovely woman.

For songs outside his album, try listening to “Katchi“, a retro collab between Nick Waterhouse and Leon Bridges. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s retro. Btdubs, katchi is an old school terms Bridges’ family uses for “nice massage”.

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I hope to see this young man live someday. He’s definitely someone who will be around for a long time.

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