The fam decided to take a weekend adventure to H-town. One of our favorite places to get some savory plates is Che Inka in the Rice Military district. 

I’m still fighting through the food coma, so bear with me ladies and gents.

A favorite plate among the fam is the lomo saltado. We make it at home, but Che Inka’s version is elevated, adding a wine blend and using filet mignon rather than stir fry. Filet mignon is mixed with onions and tomatoes and decorated with herbs. The plate is served with basmati rice and french fries. 

Lomo saltado. Excuse the color shift. We were dining outside with the dog.

Not into wine blends or filet mignon? Try their seafood. They have various plates, including varieties of ceviches, rice mixed with shrimp, seafood salads and seafood soups. We will go for the jalea mixto, which is a decent sized plate of fried seafood mixed with onions and diced tomatoes, served with yucca, and garnished with crispy sweet potato strips. The plate originally comes with muscles. Since we are not muscle fans, we always ask they don’t include those [they’ll usually give you more fish ;)]. The seafood is fresh and it takes about two people to finish the whole thing.

It’s a fried fish frenzy!
They do have a brunch menu if you’re brunch people. I have not tried their brunch items yet, but you can view their menu here.

Their desserts. Oh my their desserts! You have to try the lucuma mousse. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture because there are some foods that are too good to photograph. Lucuma is a fruit native to Peru. It’s not overly sweet, which is nice if you’re controlling your sugar intake. The mousse is served in a martini-like glass and garnished with a mint leaf. It’s fluffy. It’s creamy. It does not fall below elegant. It’s amazing.

The food coma is really kicking in so if you’re in the Houston area, check the place out. The staff is super friendly. The atmosphere is modern, upscale yet casual. They do have a kids menu for the little ones. Been there before? How did you like it? Comment below!
Che Inka is located at:

5535 Memorial Dr g, Houston, TX 77007

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