#TBT is fun and all but it’s still a busy workday for me, so I’m going to celebrate #FlashbackFriday!
I received a recent notification that someone began following my old blog, Your Way With Words, which hasn’t posted anything in awhile….a long while. I appreciate you following my good sir/madam.

Fast forward the checking of the notification to the part I open the site. All these posts! All the time I spent on that ol’ blog! I wish I had that kind of time again. I came across one of my first posts, “Imagination is Key”.

Many people believe success is measured by the outcome of what you are trying to achieve. Many people believe it is from the experience and knowledge gained. Those people may be correct. However, they are forgetting that success isn’t just one thing but a network of factors from perseverance to motivation to imagination.

To be successful is to gain and keep the perseverance while experiencing the event or project in order to get the favorable outcome. In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, perseverance is defined as a “continued effort to do or achieve something despite its difficulties, failures or opposition”. Difficulties. Failures. Opposition. Let us be honest and admit those things are all around for life is not easy. To put it simply: do not give up because it was “too hard” or “impossible” or give the “I can’t do it” excuse.

My head just about exploded. If you were to place me at the time I wrote that side by side with the me right now, you may find two different people. Or you may find the same person. Point is, I am a little rusty with the writing thing. I will happily admit it. So seeing the level I once was back then is a nice refresher and motivator to keep noting details and honing those writing skills again. Hell, not just getting to that level again but surpassing that level!

Anyway, Happy Friday everyone! If you want to read the rest of the post, click here: Imagination is Key.

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