This is my first time playing Dungeons & Dragons. One day, the Breakfast Club (my work group) decided to try out a game night. I suggested D&D, mostly because a couple of my coworkers made it sound fun. In the group, I am the self-designated scribe, jotting down the details of the adventure each session. I will admit, I didn’t jot anything down for the first session due to trying to comprehend everything. As I began writing the story, I felt selfish for holding this back from my followers. So, that being said, here is the “The Lost Mine”.

A group of five were given a mission to deliver goods. These five are: Corlove Dragongoodsoultouch (aka Corlove or Cor) – a dragonbaird cleric; The Bow – a fighter who is a folk hero and refers himself in third person; Camilla (aka Cam) – a half elf wizard of noble background; Professor Lenny (Lenny for short) – a not too bright goliath who believes he is a “Sleep spell” professor at the wizard school and Camilla’s twin (more on this in a sec). He loves bunnies and soft red things; and Captain Mazin (aka Cap) – a half elf rogue who is not really a captain, and loves two things: drinking and wenches.

(Note: Camilla found Lenny one day in the alley teaching critters the sleep spell with his “wand”, a maul. She convinced Lenny that they were twins for the sake of his (and to an extent her) safety. They have been inseparable ever since.)

After given the mission, Captain Mazin volunteered to drive the wagon. Camilla, noticing how drunk Cap was, overruled his motion and took the wheel. She drove the wagon of goods, with Lenny sitting up in front. The Bow and Corlove walked alongside the wagon while the Captain drunkenly stumbled behind the wagon. Lenny asked Camilla when they will see the bunny farm. Camilla responded, “Soon. We have to finish our mission first.”

The Bow discovered a clearing in the forest and decided to follow the path, possibly believing to be a short cut. The group followed, finding themselves surrounded by goblins and pitfalls. The group fought the goblins, using acid, short swords, bows and arrows, and a maul. Camilla’s acid splash melted a goblin. The Bow took down two goblins on the left side of the forest. Corlove chilled. Lenny used his “sleep spell”, his maul. Captain, unfortunately, received some hits due to poor misses and semi-strong armor.

Once the goblins were dead, Lenny picked up his dead, headless goblin corpse and decided to keep it as his war trophy. “What about the head?” Captain asked. Lenny picked up the head and kept it by his side like a keychain on a belt loop. The rest of the goblins were thrown into the pitfalls.

The group continued forward, following the stream which led to a cave. Lenny ran into the cave, failing to remember he doesn’t have Darkvision like the rest of the group. The Bow and Camilla went after Lenny. Corlove and the Captain followed reluctantly. The group found a side entry that lead to a chimney. However, four beastly sleeping dogs guarded the chimney. They all noted to stay away. Lenny ran further straight before making a left. He made his way up the second level. The Bow followed, hoping to catch Lenny. Camilla continued forward, passing under a bridge. She noticed a goblin on the bridge. She used acid splash, instantly melting him. Corlove stayed at the cave opening, not desiring to venture the dark cave. Captain made it a bit further, but suddenly turned back and dashed to the wagon.

Camilla continued forward. She found that the stream led to a pool that was filled by a waterfall. She also noticed goblins minding their own business. She attacked the goblins, which caused them to shout for backup. Goblins throughout the cave came out, attacking The Bow, Lenny, Corlove, and Camilla. Fortunately, the group successfully defeated the goblins. Unfortunately, Corlove was knocked out.

As the four headed out the cave, Captain had a change of heart. He dashed back to the cave, running past the group. The four were severely confused, shouting why he was heading in. “The chimney!” he shouted in response. He snuck past the sleeping dogs and climbed up the chimney. Before fully getting out, he heard voices discussing the ruckus. He peered over, and jumped out at the sight of treasures. The voices was a bugbear named Clarg and his head Goblin minion. Captain was not at full strength and knew fighting Clarg would lead to his death. So, he did what he did best: charming the guy. He successfully convinced Clarg and the goblin he and the group would bring loads upon loads of treasure once they delivered their goods to the rich man up north. Ripper, Clarg’s favorite pet wolf, sniffed Captain, finding him to be genuine. Clarg, a greedy fella, lends Captain four goblin minions (Note: this was a NATURAL 20 roll). Captain came down the chimney with the four goblins and happily marched out the cave. He explained what happened with the Clarg to the group. They reluctantly agreed to bring the goblins along. The five adventurers, along with the four goblins, trailed past the pitfalls and back to the forest to the wagon.

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