many moons waiting
pulling on a tightrope
locked inside a cold war

miles and miles
walking in my Name
without my face
Du Bois's double
splitting my spirit

say this and that
not that and this
morph into a machine
the Establishment will be proud
yet I am not proud of me

"Blk Girl Soldier"
covert and fierce
recruit under the moon
say you "Betty" and "Frida" and "Sonia"
make your move
take your stand now
that the bomb's been dropped
upon the eve of world war

save the Hopeless
defend the Lost
you hold oh so dear
don't quote Emma
and say you are a soldier
who does not fear

do not try little
do not try nothing
try beyond your means
to change the dialogue
for the Hopeless, the Lost
for the downfall of the
is near

This poem was inspired by Jamila Woods’ music and an event that happened at work recently. I’ve included the Spotify link below so you can enjoy her wonderful music.

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