The family and I went to North Italia yesterday for dinner. We wanted to expand beyond Brio and Gusto (on Burnet) for our Italian dinners and since we were in the Domain area, North seemed like a fitting choice. And what a fitting choice it was!

North Italia is a modern Italian cuisine restaurant in old Domain (I call it “old” because it was the first phase of the now massive outdoor shopping mall). The restaurant offers pizza, pasta, entrees and a nice list of cocktails.

My family ordered a round of calamari, which included calamari mixed with an argula salad. For entrees, I ordered the Divers Scallops which included three scallops, Parmesan risotto, butternut squash and crispy shallots. I’ve got to say the plates looked small but contained more food than you originally thought.

North Italia is a chain. When you go in and taste the high quality ingredients in each dish with top of the line service, you feel like you are at your local spot getting amazing individualized attention. I love how North goes beyond traditional Italian dishes that you would find at any other restaurant. My sister ordered a squid ink pasta! It was different and delicious with a great spice kick. And the best part? The pasta was made in-house.

I highly recommend North. They also offer alternative ingredients such as gluten-free dough and pasta, as well as zucchini spirals. The Domain location also has live music on their outdoor patio occasionally.

North Italia at the Domain is located at 11506 Century Oaks Terrace #124, Austin, TX 78758

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