Happy Thursday! For my #TBT, I wanted to write about one of my new favorite places in Southern California. I’ve gone here a couple times and am obsessed with their shwarma. If you haven’t been to Pom & Olive in Costa Mesa, you’re missing out.

Pom & Olive is a small Mediterranean restaurant that serves up a diverse menu. From babaganoush to lamb shwarma to pomegrante stew, you can find all kinds of dishes here. I love their lamb shwarma platter. It comes with hummus, basmanti rice, and a Mediterranean salad on the side. It’s filling and the drizzled sauce on top of the shwarma adds an extra kick of flavor to the already delicious dish. Note: pita bread not included. That was from the Pita & Hummus appetizer.

I would also recommend the chicken shish kabab. The chicken is charboiled marinated. The dish also comes with basmanti rice and Mediterranean salad. The chicken kabab does not make you go into full food coma like the lamb shwarma, which is a plus. But it does make your taste buds sing like the lamb shwarma.

Pom & Olive is located at 1400 Bristol Street, Building C Costa Mesa, CA 92626 

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