A little before the year end, a friend asked me what I have learned in 2018. I usually find this hard to answer as there are so many things one learns in the time span of the year. You answer on the fashion route, food route, investment route, academic route, and so on and so forth. I asked for clarification and was asked what life lessons I learned in 2018. Oof, even harder. After giving it some thought, I responded the below. I’ve learned three things in 2018:

1. Not letting my pride get the best of me because I will miss out on amazing and humbling opportunities.

2. Do what is right and stand by what is right, even if it means sacrificing your happiness for another’s happiness. That is the purest form of love.

3. As one professor said, don’t be the guy watching the others work out. Be the guy working out, even if you don’t get it right. Practice does make perfect.

I wanted to share this because now that the New Year euphoria has gone down, I do not want to see these lessons as New Years resolution, because I do not believe in those. I would like to use these lessons to better improve myself this year and beyond. What have you learned in 2018? How do you plan on taking those lessons to improve your life?

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