First final done! Thank goodness! My friends and I had a few hours before our next class and wanted to treat ourselves to some breakfast goodies. As mentioned in my review of MARU Japanese, we are on a budget. We also wanted to take a breather from campus, so our options for food on a rainy, cold December day that was near campus but not on campus and friendly to our wallets, are somewhat limited. Snooze is close, but the wait it too long. Anything in South Austin is too much of a drive. Kerbey Lane parking is always a hassle. Russell’s Bistro closed (rip), and Upper Crust Bakery is in Rosedale, which we have recently been to. Looking around Google Maps, I found Counter Cafe on North Lamar across the street from BookPeople. I had not been there yet, but one of my friends had. He recommended it and so off we went.

Counter Cafe is small, and when I say small, I mean it’s tiny. The kitchen and bar stools take up most of the space. Along the wall are tables for two. Next to the door is a communal table that’s able to seat 7-8 people. There’s an small outdoor patio, but it was drizzling outside with a high of mid-50s, so we decided against it. Since there was four of us, we sat at the communal table.

Counter Cafe’s menu is limited, which is alright because that means they know their menu really well. On one side there is the lunch all day menu and the other has the breakfast all day menu. I ordered the Crab Cakes & Eggs while one of my friends ordered the Crab Cake Benedict. My second friend ordered a sandwich and was too hungry to wait for me to take a picture. All good homie.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. This menu clearly shows the place isn’t too budget friendly for college students. If you think about it though, $14 for two crab cakes, poached eggs and toast ain’t bad. The plate was filling and the crab cakes had a nice crunch to it. Plus, they use local ingredients as well as organic ingredients.

My one note on my plate is that the crab cakes get a bit dry, so I’d take advantage of the sauces given. My friend’s crab cake egg benedict though, that was good stuff, and for $2 more! The hollandaise was on the lighter side and the potatoes were plentiful.

If you don’t mind sitting in a tight spot for a nice casual breakfast, I recommend Counter Cafe. You can even make a day trip around it: Counter Cafe, trip to BookPeople, Whole Foods Market on Lamar & 5th, or even to Graffiti Park a couple blocks up. Obviously, when the weather is better than this mid-50s slump.

Counter Cafe is located on 626 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703 

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