I am on vacay! Needed to get stuff ready and in order before I head to the Forty Acres for the MS Finance program. Along with getting my car’s oil changed and seeing the doc for my annual physical, I caught up with John. He also took the day off because everyone needs a Monday rest day.

We met up in Westlake so we can carpool to South Austin. He needed to go to St. Ed’s to pick up his BBA diploma…we graduated more than 2 years ago. Turns out he didn’t do the FAFSA exit counseling. Do the exit counseling kids!

As I waited for him to arrive (one of us is always late), I walked into Paris in a Bite, a Parisian-inspired French cafe in the Davenport Ranch shopping center. Got one word for you: bougie. The place is modern, clean, quaint. The treats look magnifique. It’s pricey, which could be a deterrent for you, but if you think that you can get an imported artisan-crafted macaron cheaper at Paris in a Bite than at WFM, it’s not too bad price-wise. Btdubs, the lavender macaron was silky smooth and totally worth every penny.

St. Ed’s was great. It’s always nice walking around the campus of your alma mater, especially in summertime when the sidewalk isn’t crowded by students. It’s also nice seeing the Main Building and Holy Cross Hall not in construction mode. I say this because I learned, two years after graduating from St. Ed’s, the basement entrance to Holy Cross Hall had a “General Entrance” sign etched on stone. I also finally got to see the renovated interior of Holy Cross Hall. If you don’t know me, I love old-school buildings (pun totes intended). Preservation of history is important. I do appreciate the newness of the renovation, but the smell of old books and years upon years of history is what I crave.

There’s more to come! Lunch at Magnolia and playing a game at a classic ATX destination. Stay tuned!

PARIS IN A BITE is located at 3801 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite D-180, Austin, TX 78746

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