I started using Spotify earlier this year. No, I have not converted to a streamer. I have much more respect for radio and will never give it up. I simply don’t want to 1) waste my phone battery playing my iTunes playlist, 2) use Apple Radio or whatever they call themselves, 3) got tired of playing YouTube videos and 4) Pandora is a thing of the past.

For those of you who haven’t used Spotify, Spotify curates playlists based on the songs you liked and songs/artists you might be interested in. There’s the Discover Weekly Playlist, which is a list of 30 songs that Spotify recommends based on what you listed to the week before. Austin and I have a fun time poking fun at this playlist as most of the time, we already know the songs and artists (thank you KUTX!). One time, Spotify gave Austin Weezer on his Discover Weekly. Yes folks, Weezer. For me, they gave me Fleetwood Mac. Come on Spotify! We know better and your algorithm should know best. I digress.

Another curated playlist they’ll provide are the Daily Mixes. I like these playlists better as I don’t mentally prepare for a face palm. Last week, I got this mix. It’s a good mix, including The Head and the Heart and some ATX favs (Wild Child, Spoon, Shakey Graves). Hope you enjoy!

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