Some of my nerdier friends and I like to play this game in which we have to create a poem using song titles from a musician or band. Actually came up with this one using Clash songs two summers ago while wandering around the fancy chocolate section at the grocery store.


Oh, you.

“Rudie can’t fail” we thought.

What a pitiful thought!

Rudie, if you are going to “Rock the Casbah”

As you get “Lost in the Supermarket” with “Janie Jones”

Then I shall ask you this “Should I Stay or Should I Go”?

“I Fought the Law” with “Police & Thieves”

by throwing “Spanish Bombs” at a “White Riot”

while driving my “Brand New Cadillac”.

Hurry up Rudie, as the clock is ticking.

I’m trying to escape on a “Train in Vain”

to the Mother country because “London Calling”.


Note: I do not own any of these titles, so any party involved with Joe Strummer’s estate or The Clash in general: please don’t sue me.

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