The benefit of working in the ATX is that the office giveaway pile includes CDs. I casually looked through the CD basket and found a brand-new, still wrapped, copy of Ty Richards’ debut album, Zillion. Ty Richards, if you don’t know, is a local ATX artist. His music is based on psychedelic rock with hints of pop and dance beats. According to a note he wrote on his site, Richards is all about bringing back the institution of the album. Richards, in his opinion, find albums the “best way to be immersed in music”. True dat Richards.

“Spaceman”, the first song of the journey, is a fun one. You feel like you’re in a disco club with martians who are dressed like 1980s Madonna playing that classic psychedelic rhythms. Considering I’ve only heard one song from Richards, I didn’t know what to expect. This was something I did not expect at all. And I like it like that. It’s sorta confusing but you get over it within the first five seconds because you find yourself dancing along.

Lyric-wise I recommend “She Can Count the Days”. Simple storyline: girl is getting back on her feet. It’s a pretty good “cheer up” song and has a very Beck-esque vibe.

Go to California / Kill them with kindness / Go kick down your giants / And never come back

True advice from a stranger. The song just wants you to get in a car and drive down the hills and shout to the world. The world spins, but in a fascinating, kaleidoscope way. All those goals you thought were lost are suddenly renewed. Hence, this post on this blog. 🙂

You can grab Ty Richards’ album at his site, You can also follow him on Twitter, @tyrichardsmusic. I expect great things from you Richards. The journey has only just began for your.

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