You’ve probably heard their catchy lyrics or their badass violinist. No? You deprived child!

Based out of Seattle, The Head & The Heart is an indie folk band with a distinct sound that formed in the summer of 2009. Their first album, The Head & The Heart, is a beautiful composition that takes you on a whimsical adventure of sorts. At least, for me it does. They released their third album, Signs of Light, last year, which is a mix of their original sound with more upbeat tempos, seen in “Rhythm & Blues” and “All We Ever Knew”.

Recommendations? Tough crowd. Well, there’s the talented keyboardist who has a ragtimey sound in the lovely, catharic “Lost in My Mind”. This is the first song that made me fall in love with them.


Lost in My Mind


Need a little more convincing? Well the soothing lyrics and nostalgic instrumentals will transport you to the childhood fields you once roamed.

Down in the Valley


Not into the slow moving tunes? Like I said, you have their more upbeat songs to choose from. There’s the fun love song “Rhythm & Blues”, a contrast from the theme of inner reflection seen in the two previous songs.

Rhythm & Blues

Is your heart racing yet? Are you just absolutely obsessed with them now? No? Google The Head & The Heart, or check them out at their website.


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